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  1. Do a deed.

    We reduced our material consumption by 10% last year —Paper Mill Ltd.

    Employees challenged to participate this week —Hotel X Ltd.

    Big energy savings by turning off all machines when not in use —Bank Ltd.

    We serve only local food for our elderly clients —Care center for elderly people

    See our action plan to reduce emissions by 30% by 2017 —Airline Y Ltd.

  2. Show, share and connect with partners and consumers.
  3. Create a more circular, profitable business.
  4. Make this planet a better place to live in – through big and small actions, together.

We will help you in all stages!

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It's all about deeds

Do and share a deed. Come on, companies, we know you are already doing a lot for the environment and well-being of people.

Through certifications, own small and big actions, developing better technologies and processes. Please share this with us! You can also take on other companies' actions and ideas.

Make it visible – influence people

Consumers, your own staff and kids at schools will evaluate, comment, share and support your deeds in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Your deeds make a difference by influencing the consumer behaviour.

Get pine cones

Gaming is fun, so we are developing it into GCE. Your company could be the annual Golden Pine Cone award winner. School kids can search for pine cones by collecting waste or learning from your actions.

The more active you are the better the visibility. Collect pine cones and we'll help you even more in getting visibility. You can also use the pine cone logo in your marketing.

Save the world

Every little deed counts - the more we share and are aware, the more action we all take. GCE will help you with this in an easy, affordable and visible way.